For more than a dozen years, the Global Press commitment to accuracy has governed all that we do. A talented, global team works on each story to ensure that everything we publish is GPJ Accurate. Here’s how it works:


Local Reporting

Local journalists are the heart of Global Press. Each one begins her Global Press career when she graduates from our award-winning training program. As a result, they all produce integrity-rich, accurate journalism that features local voices, deep context and nuanced analysis. Journalists report and write in their own languages and work with a global network of expert editors to ensure that their stories are 100 percent accurate upon publication.

Process - Step 1


Global Press invests in human fact-checkers for every story. Our fact-checking process is multi-layered, beginning with a full check by the reporter, another by her editor and finally one by a professional news fact-checker who is a member of the Global Press Accuracy Network. We use old-school fact-checking techniques, prioritizing local sources with close proximity to the information over online sources.

Process - Step 2

Copy Editing

Global press is equally committed to journalistic tradition and innovation. Our professional copy editors review each story for clarity, grammar, AP style and GPJ style. GPJ style is distinct in that it serves to fill in gaps left by AP style and in cases where GPJ style differs from AP style. GPJ style prioritizes precision and source dignity.

Process - Step 3


English is not a requirement for Global Press journalists. They each report and write in their own languages. Stories are published in local languages as well as in English, thanks to our network of trained translators who specialize in ensuring that sources and places are accurately represented. Global Press prides itself on being accountable to local, non-English-speaking audiences as a core piece of our commitment to accuracy.

Process - Step 4

What does this process mean for our articles?

Multi-layered: GPJ Accurate means that a story has gone through our multi-layered editing process that includes local reporting, expert editing, human translation and fact-checking and detailed copy editing.

The human touch: Each layer of editing is conducted by an expert, all of whom are assigned to stories in teams. Click the “View Team” button on each story to learn more about the people who make our stories so exceptional. If by chance we make a mistake, our commitment to radical transparency requires that we will openly correct it and list it in our corrections archive.

GPJ Accurate: When you see the GPJ Accurate check mark, you know that a story is 100 percent accurate, vetted by multiple experts and viewed by readers in multiple languages across the world.